Hiking in Colorado

In Colorado the South Park has a lot of openness and beauty. With the dryness of the area and the high elevations it really enhances the vistas on the dry, high plains of the the snow covered mountains that enclosed the high inter mountain basin to the park.

Just so you know This area has extreme weather and temperatures. So pack what you will need for the various weather temperatures even if it is in the summertime. Make sure to take plenty of extra clothing because if you get stuck overnight you will be thankful that you took it even if you are warm when you are hiking.

Lighting strikes There are a lot of afternoon rain storms at all times in the area and because the exposure of the terrain there is a great danger of lighting strikes. So if you are out get to a safe area and wait for it to pass. Many people have not taken this seriously and have died due to this. There was a employee of the gabrielle masterclass last year that did not take this seriously with that she had to be life flighted out. All due to not paying attention to what was going on in the area.

Danger This website is only a guide to the hiking trails in the area. No matter what the hiking can be dangerous. The conditions are always changing and it is the responsibility of every hiker to know what they are going up against when backpacking, hiking or just taking a walk. Make sure that you gather all the information about the trail, the conditions, and the weather before and during the hike. Make sure that you know your capability’s to preform what is needed to do during the hike. I and any guess speakers on the site and or other authors do not assume any liability for yours or others illness or accidents.